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EDney L. Freeman


Professional info

Art Educator-Former US Virgin Islands 2009  State/Territorial Teacher of the Year-MST from Rochester Institute of Technology,1995-Former Principal at IQRA' ACADEMY St. Croix- Invited in 2006 and 2011 to create two  Sculptures in Changchun China-Resident Artist at Baltimore Clayworks-Virginia Center for The Creative Arts- and Art Institute of Chicago-July to August, 2021 resident artist at Millay Arts in Austerlitz New York-Workshop leader at NAEA Convention-AFT Mini Quests-Co-Founder/president of Association of Virgin Islands Visual Art Education (AVIVAE).


PROFILE: Solid background as an art specialist with aspects of academics , athletics and service programs of

9th th to  12th grade institutions; values education, facilities, event management and leadership-with strong emphasis on instruction and learning discipline, school improvement, community building and individual growth. Experienced in planning and development of innovative programs; grant writing, coordination and development of workshops and cultural production presentation design, recruiting, supervision of faculty, teacher observations and evaluations and school accreditation.  Skilled in; developing a positive school culture, promoting student achievement and establishing relationships with community leaders.


Work experience

University of the Virgin Islands Art Faculty  -Part Time                                          2015-16  Fall Semester                                                                                                       Principal IQRA' ACADEMY St. Croix, USVI - 2012-2014;

Educational leadership is a responsibility and opportunity for administrators and school boards to help serve students, parents and school community in reaching the goal of high student academic achievement. We get what we strive for  once we are committed to becoming change agents in lock step with technology and best practices.



IQRA' ACADEMY:Art and Social Studies Teacher

​2010 - 2013


​After 33 years of teaching in and leading the Art Department of Charlotte Amalie High School on the island of St. Thomas with a large population, I moved to sister island St. Croix to lend my experience to IQRA' ACADEMY a small non-public school. Returned to St. Thomas in 2014  for Family Matters-              Subsequently joined University of the Virgin Islands Faculty Part-Time.2015

Charlotte Amalie High School-Art Department Chairman and Teacher

​1977 - 2010

With a  Liberal Arts degree and an art education focus I returned to St. Thomas in 1977 to join the ranks of Virgin Islands educators at Charlotte Amalie High School. There is where I developed the craft of teaching and realized that teaching is a reflective profession as well as an art and science. Many highlights of my career ensued with teaching, learning and art production at the center as this passion continues to this day. 



1995      MST- Master of Science for Teachers

              School of Imaging Arts and Science

              Rochester Institute of technology


​1977       B.A.Liberal Arts,Art Education Focus

               City College, City Univeristy of NY

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