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Chanchun China 

Sculpture Symposium 2006

"Mocko Jumbie With Tourist "

Bronze Cast

Changchun China

Sculpture Symposium 2011

"Tropical Masquerader w/Whip"

Bronze Cast

"Strange Fruit"

Smithsonian Magazine 2003

"Wet Nurse"

Below-Slave Tags Reimagined  Aug. 2021

These reimagined "Slave Tags' feature 26 gauge/16mm 12" X 12" copper sheet metal that were outlined on the front and repousse' to give an illusion of depth-patinaed -antique blue/green using ammonia- vinegar and salt in an incubator atmosphere (covered film developer tray) -dried-sealed-then mounted on diamond treaded 0.025 sheet metal and hung from a chain echoing how slaves wore their tags around their neck for a year when they would  hire themselves out to buy their freedom. The previous series above featured Raku Clay firing techniques with added embellishments to complete the narrative.

Smithsonian Magazine 2003




Slave Tag Series

Raku Fired

Servant Tag

Shield Series

Stevedore Tag

   Coal Carrier Tag

Pottery and Wire Work

Portraits of Public and Pivate Citizens

Wheel Thrown Pottery


   Cooper  Smith Tag

Raku Pottery

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