Mocko Jumbie Jamboree- Restarted

Feb..5, 2022-Hey everybody- Moving right along- as we post this, "The Mocko Jumbie Jamboree" Sculptures" are now firmly back in production. After almost two stalled years of the Pandemic, with border closures, country lockdowns, vaccination and mask mandates the three sculptures are now presently being cast in silicon bronze. The start up began virtually on WhatsApp and FaceTime,

by confirming the condition of the resin casts, getting new casting production schedules, making a second payment installment and obtaining final patina color sample plates. Considering all the delays it appears that the casting could possibly be completed in the spring months. This is an exciting time for myself, the foundry our Yacht Haven Grande (IGY) Super Sponsors

and my team of contributors. The work resumed at the end of December and at the rate of one sculpture per month-casting, welding, grinding and patinas, we could be looking at the end of March or early April for completion.

When the sculptures are complete a final payment will be made that will cover crating in an open flat bed and shipping to St. Thomas, USVI. Preliminary preparations for the sculptures arrival and subsequent installment, will proceed with collaboration meetings between myself, engineers, landscape architect and Yacht Haven Admins. sometime in March. Decisions as to the exact placement and orientation of the sculptures must be decided with focused attention on site conditions, below ground sewage, electrical and other utility lines, on grass or on pavement placement, as well as signage, Budget considerations will drive the breadth and scope of the site development. All things considered it is up to the Admins and sponsors as to how and when the sculptures will be unveiled. Having been a part of a massive undertaking in Changchun China when over 0ne hundred sculptors works were unveiled, I am looking forward to help set the tone and atmosphere for such a remarkable historic event. Mocko Jumbie Performers, Steel Pan Music, Special Invited Guests, Looped Video of "The Making of the "Mocko Jumbie Jamboree Sculptures", food and beverages can all be worthy components for this original visionary event. I am entirely grateful and thoroughly thankful to my sponsor and above all to the Creator for blessing me with the opportunity to showcase my skill sets at this moment and time.

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